Septic Tank Maintenance & Inspection

Your septic systems require routine maintenance in order to work properly. It’s just like your car, if you don’t get an oil change, your car won’t last too long! Don’t overlook your septic maintenance. Prevent odors, backups and complete system failure with our routine maintenance programs.

Septic Maintenance

Our goal to help keep you from having to spend money on repairs that could have been avoided with routine septic maintenance. Jackey Lackey will make sure that all of the parts to your system are working properly and that there is no indication of any part failure. If there happens to be anything that should be fixed, we will go over all your options. Remember, regular septic maintenance can save your a lot of money and headache.

Real Estate Inspection

If you are buying or selling a home or business we can inspect your septic system and provide you with an inspection certificate. If your system fails the inspection, we will install a new system for you. We can give you a consultation and a FREE estimate for your new installation.

Service Contracts

If the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires that your home or business have a septic system maintenance contract, we can help. We will come out every four months to provide maintenance for your septic systems. After we have inspected and / or serviced your system, we will mail the paperwork to the TCEQ for your convenience.

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