Repairing Your Septic System

Repairs are part of owning a septic system. Just remember that regular maintenance can help reduce the frequency of needing it. Jackey Lackey Septic Service has been the most trusted provider of septic repair in Alvarado, Cleburne and its surrounding areas for the past 30 years. We will work with you to help with any septic repairs and do our best to save you money in the process. We do everything that we can in order fix any issues with your conventional or aerated septic system. New installation is the last resort.

Conventional Septic System Repairs

  • Aerators

  • Spray pumps

  • Chlorinators

  • Risers and lids

  • Control Panels

Aerobic Septic System Repairs

  • High pressure water jetter

  • Collapsed lateral lines

  • Tank lid replacements

  • Baffles

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