Storm Shelters

An average of 132 tornadoes touch Texas soil each year and the greatest number of those are in the northern parts of Texas. Tornadoes can occur in any month and at any hour of the day, but they occur more often during the late spring and early summer months, and between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Protect your family from the unpredictable weather that the great state of Texas has to offer. Our storm shelters come in many sizes but are all built to FEMA standards.

Built to FEMA Standards

Our “Family Sized” storm shelter is 12,600 lbs. with a 6 x 8 long interior and the safe rooms constructed in accordance with FEMA guidance are intended to provide near-absolute protection in extreme weather events. To be considered a FEMA storm shelter or safe room, the unit must be designed and constructed in accordance with the criteria specified in FEMA P-361 – to which the drawings in FEMA P-320 were designed – as well as all applicable federal, state and local codes.

Complete Protection and Security

We install our units 4 1/2 ft. into the ground with approximately 2 ft. remaining above grade. The dirt from the excavation is then mounded around the above grade portion on three sides creating a small mound and completely surrounding the shelter with earth. Normal installation can be accomplished in less than three hours.

Storm Shelter Specifications

  • Constructed with 6,000 PSI concrete with fiber mesh
  • 3 inch thick walls
  • 4 inch thick ceilings and floors
  • Reinforced with 3/8 inch rebar every 12 inches
  • 8 inch screened turbine vent
  • 6 inch screened intake vent
  • Interior fixed staircase with dual hand rails
  • Leak proof 14 gauge steel door
  • Three point / lockable latch and handle

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